Episode 89

Iwo Jima flag raiser Ira Hayes: An In-depth Biography Discussion with Author Tom Holm

🎙 Warning: These new shirts may cause history-inspired travel

Scott and Jen invite Tom Holm, author and Professor Emeritus of American Indian Studies at the University of Arizona, for an in-depth discussion on his latest book, a biography of Ira Hayes. The conversation delves into different aspects of Ira Hayes's life, including his participation in World War II, his struggles with PTSD, and media representation. Tom also shares interesting anecdotes from Ira's life and highlights the revolutionary aim of his biography - to dispel stereotypes and present Ira Hayes as more than just a historical figure, but a man of humility and courage.

Ira Hayes biography

00:33 Introduction

02:25 About the Author

03:13 Researching Ira Hayes

05:00 Childhood and Early Life

05:20 Writing Process and Challenges

06:02 Historical Context

16:56 Realities of PTSD and Alcoholism

31:10 Discussing Stereotypes

35:05 Advocacy for Recognizing Ira's Bravery

27:20 Decision to Write the Biography

23:42 Summary and Conclusion


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